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Snow tag

If you are lucky enough to have snow where you live you have so many opportunities for fun outdoor play.

Now in the winter it is important to be in motion when you play outside, so you keep yourself and your kids warm. It is the winter that is our peak season here in There is so much to do; it is only our imagination that stops us.

One of my favorite games that I played when I was little was to play tag in the snow in a big circle shape like a pizza. My father introduced this game to me when I was little. I remember we would play in our backyard, or even play it when we where stopping for rest on a road trip. It is a perfect way for little legs to burn off some energy.

Now as a parent I have played many times with my daughter by myself and in our outdoor playgroup. Kids never seem to get enough of chasing each other around and we as parents also benefit from some extra exercise. The only thing you need is some snow and some friends to play with.

Circle tag

Stomp a huge circle in your backyard or local park with your feet. Next make a cross through the circle, and then add two more paths through the circle.The entire circle should look like a giant circle with a plus sign in the middle, and with “8 slices”. The kids think it is funny to follow after your tracks when you’re making the circle.

The Game

Choose 1 player to be ‘it’; the other players are ‘free’. The player who is ‘it’ tries to tag any ‘free’ players. Once a free player is tagged they are it. All players, including the person who is ‘it’ must stay on the paths that were created. The plus sign in the middle is the free zone where the ‘it’ player can’t tag the others. The game ends once the big and small kids are tired!

What are you waiting for? Head outside, and don’t forget to bring the hot chocolate.

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