Our mission is simple… We love to have fun outside with our kids, regardless if it is swimming with manatees in Florida, exploring Central Park in New York or just simply being outdoors PLAYING in your own backyard. We try our best to provide you with the best information about simple outdoor ideas, Fresh Air Living (lifestyle) and Cooking with Nature.
Our roots are Scandinavian, American and Canadian and our philosophy is based on the Norwegian word “Friluftsliv”. For us, enjoying nature is a lifestyle and a way of life. We believe that regardless of where you live, you can live your life the Fresh Air Living way.
In 2011 activekidsclub.com launched their own line of safety reflectors as another way to get kids and adults outside safely in our communities.

So go outside and play!

Why outdoor play and ActiveKidsClub.com

There are many ways you can join in or contribute your Fresh Air Living experiences;
Join our outdoor playgroup movement, start an outdoor playgroup in your community or join an existing group.
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