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It all started with one woman hanging out flyers in the winter of 2006. She just wanted her daughter to have other children to play with like she did when she was a kid; outside in all kinds of weather. Kari and her daughter spent some lonely days the first winter. They were alone in a frozen empty city park. She even resorted to bribery, enticing passing by parents and their children to stop for hot chocolate, coffee and homemade Norwegian waffles.

Rainy ravine walk
Outdoor Playgroup The Beach Snow paint started in 2005 as an outdoor playgroup at Oriole Park in Toronto, Canada. That is why we created a social media site for outdoor playgroup organizers and members. Kari, and the outdoor playgroups that have been inspired by her, has been featured in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Today’s Parent, National Wildlife Federation, Backpacker Magazine, Kaboom and more. Activekidsclub.som also has collaborated with Children and Nature Network and was mentioned in Richard Louv’s latest book “The Nature Principle”.

Dandelion kids - Stephanie Beeley (photos)
Halloween Withrow park
Connect’s mission is to connect like-minded parents like you. Start an outdoor playgroup or join an exsisting outdoor playgroup. Our website has blogging tools for group leaders as a way of managing and informing their outdoor playgroup members. We have resources to help and support your group, and other parents can answer questions from their experiences in our online forum.

We are proud to be a grassroots movement and are expanding to help create critical mass to get kids outside again.

Halton Family Playgroup - Mountsberg

Social Media site
Our social media site is designed for outdoor playgroups, with easy ways to create groups and communicate with members in each outdoor playgroup. You can start a group and your own blog with us, share photos, be a part of our outdoor community and read many other resources about getting outside.

Get giveaways, deals, and parent reviews
By starting your outdoor playgroup and blogging with us you can enroll in giveaways, get deals or you can get product samples and review them. We will also help you spread the word about your group via social media, press and listing on the site, and participate in fun webinars. And maybe most importantly, belong to a community where we share ideas and friendship.

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