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Go fishing in your own backyard

This week we went to the Toronto Zoo and one of the highlights for our visit was touching the stingrays in the pool. At the Toronto Zoo they have stingrays in a pool and the guests are allowed to touch and feed the stingrays. I also recently told you how Norwegian kids like to catch sand crabs in the summer.


Now, I do not have stingrays or crabs in my backyard for kids to catch or touch but I wanted to create a similar experience in my backyard for my toddler’s outdoor birthday so I created a pond full of fish and boats. It was a big hit at our birthday party for kids in age group from 1-7 years of age. The older still had fun but the smaller ones really enjoyed this activity.


This is what you need:

Kiddy poolgonefishing2


Rubber duck

fishing poles Boats


This is how you do it:

I found these duck fishing kits at both a toy store and a corner convenient store where you can buy affordable fishing kits with plastic hooks and fishing poles. If you cannot find them, you can also make your own. Fill the kiddy pool with water and fish and have fun fishing.






Another big hit on our outdoor birthday was making giants soap bubbles


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